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Your liberal arts education equips you with 10 highly desirable Core Career Competencies. Unlock your ability to communicate your liberal arts advantage—and realize the opportunities that will pave the way to your future success.

Leverage Your Liberal Arts Advantage

How has studying the liberal arts managed to last throughout the ages? Because it never stops being relevant to today—or to tomorrow.

The key is the core competencies you develop in a liberal arts education. They prepare you to thrive in your career and in life, even during uncertain and dynamic times.

When you are able to articulate these core competencies, it gives you a competitive edge in any job market.

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Know Your Competencies

No matter which major you choose in CLA, your liberal arts courses combine to build 10 Core Career Competencies.

This makes you stand out as a candidate for jobs and graduate programs, plus gives you all of the intellectual tools to adapt and advance professionally.

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Actively Engage

Make a plan to intentionally strengthen your competencies and accelerate their development through a broad range of experiences inside and outside the classroom.

  • Academics
  • Internships
  • Research
  • Volunteering
  • Learning abroad
  • Student groups
  • Leadership
  • Part-time jobs, on or off campus

Connect It All with RATE™

Every CLA student develops the 10 competencies, but every student does it differently. RATE (Reflect, Articulate, Translate, Evaluate) helps you tell the story of how you did it.

Using RATE connects what you’ve experienced across your liberal arts education and helps you translate its value into any professional context. So when life brings a pivotal opportunity, you are ready to present yourself.

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Discover how the liberal arts open doors

Each of these videos gives you valuable insight into the Core Career Competencies you gain in CLA—and how they help you make an impact.

Alumni on Career Readiness

Faculty on Career Readiness

Employers on Career Readiness

Employers on Career Readiness

Students on Career Readiness

Students on Career Readiness

CLA is here to help

Connect with your CLA academic advisors and career counselors, check out the Career Readiness Guide—and chart your course for future success.