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What is RATE?

Reflect, Articulate, Translate, Evaluate—or RATE—is a reflective learning and self-assessment approach that helps you process your experiences, enabling you to move from career competence to career readiness.

Embrace the process and you’ll dramatically improve your ability to articulate and translate your competencies when it really counts—ensuring you’re the candidate that lands those transformative career opportunities.

I wish I had started using RATE during my freshman year. This is a great tool to use when practicing for interviews or professional situations.

How does RATE work?

When you RATE an experience, you will:

Reflect on your experiences—inside and outside the classroom
Articulate how your experiences helped you develop your competencies
Translate how these competencies are of value in professional contexts—a critical interviewing skill
Evaluate your level of readiness in these competencies

Every time you engage in an experience—whether it’s a significant class assignment, community service project, internship, or research study—jump into your Career Readiness RATE Portal.

When you’re done, RATE will:

  • Help you understand your level of readiness in a particular competency
  • Give you ideas on how you might accelerate your advantage

Want support?

While RATE is primarily for you*, you can share links to RATE entries with your instructors, advisors, or families for feedback.

*Anonymized data may be used by CLA to identify opportunities to better support student progress.

Jump into RATE

The RATE process typically takes 20-25 minutes to complete—and it’s a process that’s well worth your time.

Future success

When you RATE an experience, you can:

  • Practice articulating your competencies in a clear, compelling way
  • Save your thoughts, creating a personal account for future reference
  • Revisit entries to prepare for interviews and networking opportunities

Running short on time? Not a problem. You can save your experience as a draft and finish up later.

Start a RATE

Employers always ask me how my education translates into success in the workplace. I had a hard time doing that. With the easy-to-use RATE tool, I can now share my experiences in ways that impress employers.

Give Quick RATE a try

On the run and short on time? Choose Quick RATE from your Career Readiness RATE Portal. In fewer than 5 minutes, you’ll capture key elements while your memory is fresh. You can then come back and complete a full RATE when your schedule frees up.

Start a RATE

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